Friday, June 05, 2009

Gadgets at wholesle prices on sale here

I'm feeling very very hungry now and there's nothing much to eat at home. I'm home alone as Gordon has gone for tuition. I have to wait till he comes home before i can leave the house to get some food. Hubby has gone out fore a drink with Malcolm. I think they'll be back soon. Malcolm should be sleepy by now and if he doesnt take a nap, he'll get very whiny by 7 or 8pm. If he takes a nap at that hour, he'll be up whole night. Hmmmm.... i still have some time now. I'll go check out this wholesale site. My friend told me she saw an Apple iPod Classic at a really good bargain there and would like to buy that for her daughter. Hey, why not go check the site out too if you have the time. You may also find some great bargains there.

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