Thursday, July 16, 2009

Are HID Kits allowed here?

I may need to buy a car for myself come next year when my elder kid starts Primary 1. I cant be driving the family car forever, right. Last week, hubby bought a used car magazine back and glanced through the pages to see if i can find one that wont tax my finances at all. I dont care about the make or model as long as it's not a local car, lol. I saw the Alphard and told hubby if i were to drive one no one will be able to see the driver at all as i'm so small, haha. You know how big the Toyota Alphard is, right.

I saw one priced around rm180k but i also noticed that it has xenon headlamps. Is it still allowed here? I remember reading about xenon hid kits like these being banned here some time back. It doesnt matter as i wont be buying an Alphard. I dont mind driving a smaller MPV though. Hmmmm.... Perodua will be launching a new MPV end of this year. I heard it's manufactured by Toyota and will be priced around rm50k or so. Well, we'll just wait and see.

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