Friday, July 10, 2009

Coming down with flu :(

I'm sick. Down with flu. Many of my friends are also sick. I'll just blame it on the current weather condition. It's hot for days on end, and then rains without notice. I was caught in the rain yesterday when i went to pick my kid up from his Tutor's. He's also coming down with flu. But since it's Friday, i sent him to school anyways. He can stay home and rest for the next two days. We're so not going anywhere.

I dont like flu. My body aches all over, my head gets heavy, my eyes become watery and with my contacts on, it can also sting. I just dont like it when i'm down with flu. I just hope the both wont get fever. How am i going to take care of him when i'm also sick myself, right. Gordon can get pretty whiny when he's sick. It's about time i go pick him up from school. he still has to finish his homework at his Tutor's, poor thing.

I was chatting with my friend just now when she told me to give this Maqui Berry a try. She says it's a good nutritional supplement and she's been taking it for quite some time. I dont mind trying it but i need something that can take care of my problem right now. Vitamin C with lots of rest will definitely help. If you want to read up about the product my friend mentioned, you can do so via the link i left here in this post.

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Rose said...

you take care. lots people are sick now!! I am also not feeling well myself, having sore throat and cough!