Monday, January 18, 2010

The itch on my hand is back

I'm trying to recall what i ate today. Well, let me see. I had Wantan Meen for breakfast. Then, after sending Gordon to school, i had Chau Fun and Tong Sui with hubby at the stalls near the school. After that, i came home and had some porridge that MIL cooked. Now, i'm munching on a packet of Mamee Noodles Snack. In a short while, i'll have to leave to go pick my kid up. I dont have to go this early but if i want to park my car at a spot where there's no exit problem, i have to leave by 5pm. The narrow road can get jammed up really soon. Geee.... the back on my right hand is itching like mad again. The eczema is back. This happens each time i'm stressed out.

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