Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wanna renovate our toilet

The lever on our wc broke last week. Can you imagine how cumbersome it is to go to the toilet, and flushing your poo manually? It's really cumbersome as it takes many many buckets of water to wash it all down the sewage. Our handyman is out of town and it took him four freaking days to fix it for us. We had the lever replaced. WHAT A RELIEF, LOL!!!!

Hubby asked me why his mom didnt ask the handy man to replace the whole thing. How would i know??? If she wants it fixed, so be it. If i suggest that we replace it, she might ask me to pay for it!!!! Well, not that i mind, but i'd rather we renovate the whole toilet than replace just the wc alone. Unfortunately, i dont have the means to do that now, sigh....

Yesterday, i followed my friend back to her new house. It's still under renovation. I went up to her bathroom and liked what she's done to it. Quite tasteful. I'll take a pic of it on my next trip there and post it up. She showed me some of the Toilets here and i like them all!!!! She hopes to move in by Chinese New Year. I wish her all the best of luck. I can then have a new hangout!!!!

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