Saturday, February 27, 2010

Been to Negril jamaica?

Friends are often wondering how i can work on my blogs for hours on end. Why not? I write a post, then hop over to Facebook to check out the newsfeed. If i feel bored, i'll launch one of those Facebook games to kill five to ten minutes. By doing this, i might even get some new ideas on what to post next. Who wants to sit in front of the pc with posts to publish but nothing to talk about, right. I cant be staring at the keywords only, lol. I've been a blogger for such a long time and have blogged about everything under the moon, the sun and the stars. 

Ok, now let's get back to my search for some really nice vacation deals. I'm now checking out these Breezes Resorts and looking for all inclusive vacation packages. I posted an update on facebbok and immediately, a buddy recommended me Runaway Bay Jamaica and Negril Jamaica. She's a travel agent and has been to almost every part of this world. I trust her fully. Here are the links if you are also interested in Jamaican vacations. Like i said in my earlier post, i'll be bookmarking every single once of these vacation packages so that hubby can check them out when he comes back from KL. If not, he wont be able to make up his mind. I see another comment to my update. Let me go take a look and see which part of the world my friend is recommending me this time.  :)

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