Saturday, February 27, 2010

Check out these Breezes Resorts

I had a nice chat with an old BF yesterday. He found me via FB, lol. We went out a few times and then stopped seeing each other. I was very young then and wanted more out of life. I had a job and the last thing i want is a boyfriend breathing down my neck, hahaha. Next i know, he's married. I got to know from our conversation yesterday that he divorced a few years after his marriage. He said the divorce was an ugly one but i told him outright he can leave the details out. I'm not interested to know what happened between him and his wife ex-wife. He then asked me when i got married and it was only yesterday that i remembered TODAY's my wedding anniversary, LOL!!!!!! Unfortunately, hubby's not around. He's gone back to the city.

Nevermind. This is just part and parcel of married life. We each have our responsibilities. He's busy with his projects and i'm busy with my kids and blogs. We're just a phone call and 200KM away from each other. Now, when he comes back, i'm going to show him these affordable Breezes Resorts i found online. They have all inclusive Bahamas, all inclusive Caribbean, all inclusive Brazil vacation packages and more there. We can always plan a romantic getaway to make up for not being able to celebrate our wedding anniversary today. Well, i'm going to check out more. A friend left me an email with lots of vacation packages in it. I have a lot of time on hand now. If you are planning for a vacation, then be on the look out for the next few posts, ya.

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