Saturday, February 27, 2010

Where to get pottery supplies online?

It's almost 2pm. I still have another two hours to finish up my work. The kids are playing with their Megabloks set. I bought them a set with more than 100 blocks so that they fight less over who has more blocks to build with. Kids are kids. They fight over everything. Be it toys, food or tv. So, if you are not ready to handle daily parenting stress, dont have kids, lol. They can really drive you nuts. But, once you have kids, you wont want to miss any of their growing up moments, trust me. Parenting can be the most rewarding moments in your life.

The weather is not so hot today. I have two choices today. It's either i send them over to my Mom's, or let them play with their new wading pool. I'll work on my new crochet project and monitor them from the swing. Last week, a friend asked me if i'd like to send them to the new handicraft center or not. they have pottery lessons for kids there. Talking of pottery, i stumbled upon this AMACO/Brent, a pottery supply store. I just love their majolica glazes and slump molds. If only i have more time on hand these days, i dont mind buying some stuffs back and start a new project. ell, if you are into pottery and wants to know where to get pottery supplies online, then check out the links i left here in this post.

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