Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Done with CNY shopping yet?

Chinese New year is just a few short days away. Are you done with all your shopping? Me, i only bought some tees for my kids. I tried on a few blouses at Esprit yesterday but didnt like any of them. I still have a few more days to do my last-minute shopping. If not, will have to wear my old clothes for Chinese New Year, LOL!!!! Frankly speaking, who has the time to go shopping these days. I shop all year round and all my clothes are almost new. Moreover, all i want to do is stay home in my air-conditioned room every single day and play the Wii with my kids and friends online. A few good friends just bought the Wii and we've arranged to play Mario Kart online for days on end. Isnt this the best way to spend Chinese New Year. I sure dont want to go anywhere in this hot weather.

Hubby had to go back to KL today for some urgent matters. There are no more return tickets available. He'll be coming home in his friend's car on Saturday. His brother is coming back on Thursday. If he can get all his things settled by Wednesday, he can come back earlier and dont have to wait till Saturday. It's Chinese New Year's Eve, man. He must be home for Reunion Dinner with us!!!! I just hope his brother wont start another long and boring insurance talk this year. he keeps doing that each year. If i ever want to buy insurance, i can get all the Best Term Life Insurance quotes online at a few clicks of the mouse. Well, if you are going to buy some insurance, you may want to check out the link i left here in this post. Will be of help to you.

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