Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Grand Canyon Helicopter Wedding - MUST CHECK OUT!!!!

I usually dont come back home after i sent the kids off to school. Today's an exception. I'm feeling a bit nauseated today. Must be coming down with something. I just want to rest instead of driving around in the sweltering heat. In a way, i'm glad that i'm not wearing any makeup. I have a string feeling that everything will melt and slide off my face in this kind of hot and humid weather.

I'm out of Panadol. So, just gonna drink lots of water and take a good rest. Have to leave the house again by 2.30pm. My kid still needs me to be with him during recess. If not, he'll refuse to eat or drink. I'm thinking if i should come back after that or not. Had better not as Malcolm's home. He may want to follow me out when it's time to leave the house to go pick his brother up.

Just now, i ran through my mailbox and stumbled across this great wedding idea. If you are planning for your wedding, you must check out this Grand Canyon Helicopter Wedding. I bet it'll be cool to get married that way, dont you think so? If my hubby were to suggest this to me last time when we got married, i'd really go for it.So, dont miss this opportunity, ya. Have the best wedding ever, ya :)

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