Saturday, February 27, 2010

This All inclusive Caribbean vacation sounds good to me

It's really not that easy to update my blogs with two kids running around the kids.I get dragged to the kitchen like once every five to ten minutes. If not, they'll be fighting over something and needs me to separate them. Sigh.... this is how weekends are like when both kids are home for the whole day. That's why i just want to finish up my posts and take them out. I'm about to finish my work and am instructing them to start keeping their toys. My whole bedroom is in a mess and they wont get to leave the house unless everything is off the floor. They are now fighting over who gets to keep what, lol. Parenting is so much fun, eh.

Whilst i wait for them to finish keeping their toys, i'll check out these all inclusive vacation packages. Anyone here been on a Caribbean vacation before? Is it fun? Compared to Asian vacation destinations, which is better? I'm only looking for a all inclusive vacation package that's suitable for my small family of four. It has to be very affordable and for a minimum of five days. If not, i dont see the point of going anywhere if i dont get to enjoy it to the max. My friend even suggested we plan a vacation together. Sounds good to me. I think hubby wont object to that. My friend's kids are bigger and they can help me keep our kids entertained whilst us adults have fun. What do you think?

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