Saturday, February 27, 2010

Are you game for Adult & Singles Vacations?

Hey, see what another buddy left on my FB update? It's a few links to some great adult resorts!!!! I've never been to one before. Are you game for Adults & Singles Vacations? She told me that it's one of the best experience of all. The only thing about these adult vacations is that no kids are allowed. If i want to go on one, i have to plan properly. Now, who's going to help me keep an eye on them for a week whilst i'm away with hubby? My in-laws are old and they wont have the energy to take care of them for so many days. The only choice left is my sis, but i dont think she's keen to help me for so many days also. But if i can get them to help me out for three days each, i may get to go on one with hubby.

I have a friend who've been on a singles vacation before and she told me it's really different from those family vacation packages. She went there alone and even met a cool guy there. They ended up marrying each other after a courtship of six months. If i'm still single, i'll definitely go on a singles vacation myself too. One really needs to have lots of excitement in one's life. Parenting life can be really mundane. If not managed properly, it can take its toll on a relationship. That's why i'm keen on going on an adults vacation with hubby. It'll add back some spice to our marriage. Well, if you are wondering what adults vacations is all about, then by all means hop over to any of the links i've left here in this post. Book one for yourself, ok :)

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