Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Of WTF-ness

I agreed to help my SIL pick up her kid from school sometime before CNY. Well, to begin with, i'm not fond of the idea at all. But then, she was being a bit too persistent with her request and i told her i'll give it a try and see how things work out. She has a fine kid, though a bit too chatty for my liking. But that's not an issue either. To cut it short, last Friday, i sent her an sms that i have a new schedule and that she has to pick her kid up herself starting this week. On Sunday night, she replied and said, "U have no obligation to fetch my kid but at least give people time to plan" something lidat lah. Who knows morons like her takes two days to read a blardy message. As if two farking days not enough to plan something meh. What about emergency, utelmi. You say WTF or not.

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