Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bluehost coupon

My webhost just informed me starting next month, there'll be an increase in hosting fee. After checking with a few blog buddies, they all agree that his price is a bit too much. Most of them have a lot of accounts with. I wonder if they will continue hosting with him or move them over to a new webhosting service or not. After checking with him, he told me the price increase only affect those with shared hosting. All my domains are on VPS. There wont be an increase in webhosting fee for at least another two years, woohoo!!!!

I'm going to set up a lot of online stores in the next few months. I've planned it properly and i want them to be hosted on a separate hosting account. Well, one cannot put all the eggs in the same basket. I sure dont want all my blogs to down at once if anything happens to the server. If one goes down, i still have another batch still making money for me. If you are a serious internet marketer, i'm sure you all understand the importance of having a few hosting accounts, right. If you are looking for one now, here's a Bluehost Coupon for you. I've hosted with them before and they have good support system and responds fast to my queries. Do check it ot, ya

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