Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday is cleaning day for me

It's Sunday, and i'm home alone with Gordon. I sent Malcolm over to my mom's since he's been bugging me the whole morning. He's not fussy and my mom loves him to bits. So, i got the whole day for cleaning, lol. I started with my own room first. Changed the bedsheets for both the master bed and the floor mattresses. I vacuumed the carpet and wiped all exposed surfaces free of dust, then turned on the air purifier to let it suck up all the airborned particulate matter for half an hour. I can now breathe better, haha.

As for the kids' toys, i kept them all inside clear plastic boxes after checking for broken ones. Time to buy some new toys back already. Malcolm's birthday is just round the corner and i believe he has an aeroplane in mind. Let's see if i can find him a nice one at the departmental stores. If not, i'll look for one online.

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