Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hair talk

I got the last most important must-do-item done today. That's to take my big boy to have his hair cut. Took the small one earlier this week. I believe their ultra short crop will last them the whole final school term. As for me, i wont be cutting mine at all as i'm keeping it long again. One has to be 100% patient when trying to keep long hair again. As i kept mine from a crew cut, you go imagine how patient i have to be. The last time i had it trimmed was during Chinese New Year. I havent touched it since, lol. All that's needed is a hairband to keep the hair off my face. As it's long enough to be tied up now, the process of keeping it long is definitely much more bearable. I dont care. Nothing will make me trim it. I will only restyle it once i feel that it's long enough for me to cut off at least four inches. I only want it long enough to tie it up to a pony-tail on a bad hair day, haha.

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