Friday, September 24, 2010

If you have extra cash, buy gold, ok

My friend is drowning in credit card debts. Earlier this week, she told me she may have to seek help from AKPK to settle some of it. Too bad she cannot withdraw her epf to clear off some debts. What's the point of having epf when one may not even live long enough to use it, sigh. She truly regretted not listening to me a couple of years back when i told her she should not have far too many credit cards in her name. She's not very good at managing her personal finances. She loves to shop on credit too much. If she had listened to me and used her money to buy herself a gold bullion every few months, she'll have a lot of money by now. Gold is at such a good price now. If you are interested in gold investments, the link here will surely be of interest to you.

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