Saturday, November 06, 2010

Pittsburg apartments for rent

Hubby wont be able to make it back on time to attend his baby's school concert this evening. He's far too busy with endless appointment in KL. Being in the property sector, most of his customers are free on weekends. He has to take them around the city to view the properties that meet their requirements. For once, there are more buyers than sellers.

Recently, our Government also announced a new ruling that buyers buying their third house or property will now have to fork out 30% of the property price. This is to curb property speculation. I hope this new ruling wont affect his sales. To be honest, how many people can afford a third property. I'm sure those who can afford will find a way around the loophole by registering their third property in their wife's or kids' names.

Meanwhile, rental prices are still escalating in the city. A close friend in Pittsburg also tells me the same thing. She is looking for a Pittsburg apartment for her son as he wants to be independent, lol. He's only 18!!! Well, she says she will pop by the place once a week to make sure he's abiding to all the rules. Good luck to her then, haha. Well, if you are looking for Pittsburgh apartments to rent, the link here will be of help to you. Check it out.

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