Saturday, November 06, 2010

Rental linens for all occasions

I believe this weekend will be the last one with events for me to attend this year. So far, i havent received anymore wedding or birthday party invitations. I do have a cousin getting married on Christmas this year. But then, i've told my mom to inform my uncle that i wont be able to attend, and also not to accept the invitation card on my behalf. It's customary for us Chinese that once you've accepted the invitation card, you have to send over an angpow (monetary gift) whether you turn up for the dinner or not. I wont be around on Christmas, ok. Will most likely be in KL on Christmas with hubby. So, sorry....

Talking of parties and event. I noticed that whenever someone holds a party or event at home, they will use the same party linens like table cloths, table runners, over and over again. Isn't that a bit boring. If only there's a company that has rental linens that matches the party decor locally. Now, that would be great. Not everyone can afford to buy special linens for all the parties they hold year each year. Best if the company has a table designer to guide them on how to decorate the place up too. Now, i found such a company online. SO, if you are going to hold a party, you may want to check them out first. You'll be amazed at what they have to offer.

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