Thursday, January 06, 2011

How to acess Facebook in China

My niece is now in China for her school's student exchange program. Wonder what made her choose China over other countries like Australia or Japan. If me, i'd go for Japan anytime, lol. The last thing i want is to be disconnected from the rest of the world in the land of no Facebook, no Youtube, no Twitter, and dunno no what else. She only found out about that the last few days before she had to leave, haha. So, go imagine how she had to go about looking for ways on how to access Facebook in China. Of course there are ways to do so like using VPN, or through apps and software. But, with such short notice given, it's difficult to let her know of the best way to access Facebook in China. She's also lucky as her foster family has a computer and also has installed something on it that enabled her to access her Facebook account in China. So, it's not all that bad after all, LOL!!!!

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