Thursday, January 06, 2011

USD at an all time low :(

Just now, Aishah beeped me and told me her hubby told her to buy gold bullion as USD is again at an all time low. It's always the case if USD is down, price of gold goes up. Too bad for me, it's the beginning of the year. There's so much to spend at this time of the year like buy back-to-school items, school fees, tuition fees, and such. Moreover, Chinese New Year is just a few short weeks away and i still havent bought new clothes for the kids yet. Nothing much this year as i dont feel like celebrating after my BIL passed away suddenly last week. As for the gold bullion, if the kids collect lots of angpow this year, i might use it to buy gold bullions for them. If you are interested, you might want to go check it out via the link i left here in this post.

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