Saturday, January 27, 2007

Brotherly Love

Malcolm at 6mths old. Can sit up unassisted. Though not very steady yet, he's achieved it overnight. No training needed. How come? Maybe i didnt pay enough attemtion to his progress due to too much blogging gua. So, i found him able to sit upright all of a sudden.

Brotherly love. Rare pic of both Gordon & Malcolm. Difficult to get a pic of the both of them together. I know i have to get a faster camera. By the time what i use focus on them both, Gordon "flashed" off already. I'll most likely get a 28mm camera this time. The wide angle lens will come in handy as i mostly take indoor pics.

4 Responses:

may said...

clever boy, Malcolm! he's certainly growing up well, I'd love to sayang his cheeks. looks so tempting.

yea, children really move around fast, good idea to get a "point & shoot" camera for those unexpected cute moments. :)

G - Mom to a Bee said...

nice shot of the two boys together. congrats on malcolm being able to sit overnight :D

2crazydogs said...

What a cute pair. Your boys have grown a lot. Post more pics of them lah.

Samm said...

may - i'm waiting for more 28mm to flood the market, but so far, no new ones. nearest is the canon 850is

g - thx. urs too wat, right

2crazydogs - these days i'm also so damn busy until no time to even snap pics,