Monday, August 06, 2007

Checking out some Maui condo now

It's the middle of the night and i'm still here, checking out those Hawaii travel tips. You see, Malcolm woke up for a feed just as i was about to log off and refuse to back to sleep. So, what can i do? I have a movie running in the background as i'm checking out these Maui condos now. I'm looking at Maui Vista Resort, and found a 1 bedroom apartment for 2 guests max. But i think they will have no problems with such small kids. We can all sleep together in the same room just like what we are doing at home, lol. No problem. I know even if we book a 2 bedroom condo, they will still prefer to bunk in with us.

Maui Vista Resort is situated one block from beach. It's an air-conditioned unit that has a double bed and also a sofa bed. Like i said before, they can either sleep on the sofa bed if they like, take their pick. The only thing is this unit i'm looking at now only has 1 full bathroom. I have to seriously reconsider this one then. Comes with a full kitchen, convenient for those late nights when the kids go hungry and demand for food, lol. At least i can make them porridge.

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