Monday, August 06, 2007

Pik-Lo-Chun Round 2

I really have to break the habit of walking back to my room to fiddle with the pc when i'm steeping my tea. I just poured the water into the mug with my Pik-Lo-Chun tea leaves, then i remembered i've got to take the clothes in from the backyard. Did that, took it back into the room. Msn came in, ding dong a little. Then my phone rang, my friend called to ask me about the efficacy of my Milkmaid tea.

We talked, She was on the way home and about to pass by my place. I asked her to stop by so that i can give her some. She came, i left the room to go out and chat with her, yak yak yak. Came back inside, Gordon wanted to eat his Calci Yum which i gave him just before my friend arrived. So i opened it for him and fed him lest he made a mess of my room. By the time i felt thirsty, i remembered my tea, and it's turned bitter....... over-steeped. CIS!

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