Monday, August 06, 2007

Professional Webdesign Services needed

Our company's website is now up and running and frankly speaking, it's not up to my expectation. But since we've got to get it going for existing members to key in their particulars and also sign up new members, i approved it for the time being. I'm now looking for another comapny to help out with the new Web design as i felt the existing one we have now is more suitable for back office purposes.

My techie friend recommended that i engage the services of - Professional Webdesign Services. They are a full service information technology development and consulting firm. Their expertise lies in helping clients like me solve business challenges and achieve exceptional performance through improvements to operations, integration of technology, and of course, creative design. This is exactly the area that i'm most interested in at the moment.

With a client list that includes Fortune 500 companies, medium, and small businesses across a wide array of industries, i'm sure they will be able to produce the best web design for my companys' needs. I'll be contacting them for a free quote and i'm glad to note that they accept credit card transactions through an online payment process called How convenient. Cant wait to get their response.

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