Friday, September 05, 2008

Moonlight Resonance Episode 28 watch jorr mei.....

Moonlight Resonance Episode 28 is LIVE lorrrr. Go download lah. Mine also about to finish downloading liao. The line is not too bad now. But i dont know how it'll be when the rest of the world get wind that Moonlight Resonance Episode 28 is ready for download, lol.

I'm going to watch Your Class Or Mine first. So many drama series inside my hard drive now, dohhhh. But you know lah, it's the only free and readily available. You all want Your Class Or Mine links? This Your Class Or Mine series about to end liao worr. Nevermind. I go paste later, ya.

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Rose said...

Wow! suddenly everyone crazy about this drama series. havent download them yet, but will do so soon. How many episodes in total?