Friday, September 05, 2008

Would you engage the service of a collection agency?

It started to drizzle even when i was still sitting at Kopitiam Junction. I was so right in predicting the rain, lol. It really started pouring soon after i picked my kid up from school. I tell you, if you were to place a bet with me as when the rain will come and go, i'll pocket all your money. And if i were to do that for a living, i think i'll be rich in no time. Dont play-play, lol.

When we were still killing time at Kopitiam Junction, a friend walked past our table and we invited him to have a drink with us. We've not met for a few months and from his conversation with hubby, i got to know that his business is failing due to bad debt collection. Many of his customers refuse to pay up and he's been having a hard time meeting up with the monthly expenses his business incurs.

He says if things dont improve soon, he may have to close it down. His uncle just referred him to a Debt Collection Agency to help him out. He's still considering whether to go for their service or not. What do you think? I feel that if their terms are beneficial to both parties, i dont mind giving it a try. But he has to talk to them to know what he's getting into first.

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