Thursday, October 16, 2008

Have you been working out lately?

After almost a month working out on my Wii Fit, i can feel some changes happening to my body. I have better stamina and more flexibility these days. My mind is sharper too. Guess all the breathing in and out helped, eh. Yoga on the Wii Fit is really good. You should try it out for yourself. I have way to go with my workout on my Wii Fit before i unloack all the levels. Not that i'm in a hurry. I prefer to take my time and workout slowly. If not, i may as well go dig around for some Wii Fit cheats online, right or not.

A new gym opened its doors for business nearby my house a few weeks back. Hubby has always wanted to go to the gym for a proper workout with a trainer. Me, i dont think i can find the time for that. Hubby has a few friends who goes to the gym very often. Some of them even take these BSN Supplements ( to help them achieve their desired results. Hubby is very careful as to what he takes. He hasnt gone to the site to check it out yet. If he finds it good, he may give it a try. You may want to go check the site out too if you are looking for some body building supplements.

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