Monday, October 13, 2008

Where to buy Oliefyr online?

See how fast time flies. It's already October. In another few short weeks, year end school holiday is here. What am i to do with Gordon home for so many weeks? Cant send him over to my mom's as she now has to take care of my dad. I dont think my SIL can handle another kid. But if i'm there too, i'm sure she wouldnt mind. Or maybe he can go to my sis' and play the Wii with his cousins. She bought one recently and Gordon can bring two WiiMotes and all his games there. It's going to be fun with three WiiMotes.

It's been a long time since i last sat here at this hour. Been up since 4am. Cant help it since my webhost want to move server again. I have to quickly submit all my posts as i cant blog on my dot coms tomorrow. I've got nothing to complain as all i want is a stable server that doesnt crash. It's cold inside my room now. I've not changed the air-cond temperature and yet, i'm feeling cold. Maybe it's the weather. For those living overseas, it's time to check on your house heater. You dont want to cold house in Winter, right.

I have some friends who are using this Oliefyr to heat up their houses during Winter. heard of it before. It's common to use oil to heat up the environment, k. Not everyone can afford to use electric throughout Winter. Well, if you have an old Oliefyr, it may be a good idea to replace it. Saves you some money as a new one certainly uses less oil. You can go get it at the link here. Those of you who've never seen one before, you can also go check it out.

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