Saturday, December 05, 2009

Check out this online sporting goods store

I dont think i can sit here at the pc for long. I can hear loud thunder outside. The power is sure to get cut off anytime. It's common here, sigh. The weather's been quite good for the past few days. I actually have this feeling that it'll rain this evening and i'm so right. With both my kids away, i can go take a short nap. usually, i go to my sis' house on weekends after i've sent my big kid for his art class. Dont have to do that now. I can even go for a massage too. My sis told me about the massage center near the art school and asked me to go try it out. She says it's good. I'll do that next week.

Right now, all i want to do is hurry up and finish up my posts. I have a few more to publish. Wont take long but just pray hard i dont get cut off in the middle of a post. I hate having to remember and rewrite what i wrote earlier. Oh well, since i'm doing lots of online shopping these days on behalf of hubby, i might as well check out this online store that sells NFL Merchandise. Most of his friends have boys and the best thing to buy for them are sporting goods. I have two boys myself and know how thrilled they get when they see a ball, lol. Well, check out the link if you have the time. Plenty of sporting goods there for you to buy. You really do get better deals when you shop online.

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